Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012- Homelessness it's still here

I was driving in the city and I saw a homeless woman with a sign - she was begging for change.

The woman was near a small business and a cop drove by. Quickly she gathered her few belongings and began to walk away from the business as if she was not homeless and begging.

I looked at this point and considered for a moment what it must be like to live without a home in this world.

How come we don't see the preposterous barbarity that has been accepted and allowed through accepting a captialistic system when some win big and most lose?

I also looked at the irony of making begging a crime. We have not dealt with the fundamentals of what the cause homelessness, so we can fix the problem to avoid this point all together. It is a crime against life to accept laws that make crimals out of those who are hungry and suffering because we agreed directly or tacitly to the money system as it exists currently?

Most homeless people use signs that say things like, 'hungry please help' or, 'hungry U.S. Vet  please help,' and I have noticed a trend that is written on most signs it says 'God bless' at the end.

This is another interesting phrase to consider: 'God Bless.' Why would someone that is hungry and reduced to begging in the streets for money holding a sign that says God Bless? Obviously there is no God to support them to acquire their basic needs. I suppose it is to tug at the hearts of those who say they are believers in God, hopeing that those that say they do live the words of Jesus for instance, would actually love thy  brother as thyself and stand and support those who are hungry.

The thing is giving someone change is not going to actually support those so limited that they have to live in the streets. We must actually change ourselves and clear our starting point in self-honesty and self-forgiveness for the acceptance and allowance of abuse and separation.  We require to correct ourselves first and make sure that when we act in this world our actions are what are best for all equally.  The real problem is the ego of man where beings want to win while others lose and through this idea accept a money system that does the same.

No one in this world should have to be reduced to begging in the streets without clean drinking water, food, shelter, a place to clean themselves or the absense of healthcare and education.

The acceptance and allowance of homelessness is a crime against life and should be outlawed. Everyone in this world under the sun should have their basic needs from birth to death. We do not have limited resources but we use the resources in this earth for the ego of man and forget the basic needs that we all have and in this we are equal. Therefore this should be provided for all equally.

There is a solution. The solution is the act of real love. The solution is the equal money system. This is a system we are busy with so that all are provided for from birth to death so that no one must suffer needlessly.

Equality for all is real love and in order to achieve this we must start with the money system and utilize money as a tool to provide all their basic needs from birth to death.

I read her sign and I agree - I want change too, but the change must be in me first so that I can walk within and as compassion and care for all human beings a human being that can be trusted to do what is best for all always in all ways.

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  1. It is really sad. I was helping a mother and child last summer since it was so hot, and I almost got arrested! They didn't have a car, and I was just trying to take them home before their food spoiled. But it's sad the way most folks treat those who are less fortunate and homeless.

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