Thursday, December 29, 2011

A Perfect Lie

People in my world, primarily those that I had relationships with - friends, boyfriends, etc., would say things such as, "You will come up with something else in a year or so to believe in," implying that my stand for World Equality and the Equal Money will be short-lived.

I am responsible because I have accepted abuse and separation and allowed them directly or tacitly through my participation. The strange thing is no one said when I was studying Judaism, for example, that my beliefs would be short-lived.

This may be because Judaism is more socially acceptable so it was less confrontational, and doesn't cause people to stop and consider their own life or to look at themselves and what they have accepted and allowed themselves to participate in and become.  Whenever people hear about Equal Money, World Equality, self-responsibility, self-forgiveness, self-honesty, and self-correction, many people have reactions based in fear which cause people to question their own belief systems. Maybe everything they have believed in and have been busy programming themselves to believe in their entire lifetime has been lies.

It can be quite sobering to realize that everything we have ever existed as - has been a lie. We can't blame anyone else for this as no one can actually lie to us because we are the lie and have accepted it.

In order for one to exist in this world without guilt, one must not be willing to take responsibility for what is here. One must become absolutely delusional and this delusion is built slowly over time, brick-by-brick, until one day, this entire house of self-deception is built and 'seems' quite strong and stable. And one lives in their comfortable home of self-made delusion in order to cope with what is really taking place in this world.

Let's face it -  to live in this world without guilt or shame for not doing anything about the atrocities in this world, one must become fully delusional and live in the mind in some type of alternate reality.

Self-responsibility, self-honesty, self-forgiveness and self-correction are all words of self -direction, meaning one takes responsibility for what one has accepted and allowed, and no longer allow one to sit in a comfortable house of beliefs, ideas, opinions, and blame, but practically does something to change themselves to change the world as a whole, so that the atrocities in this world such as abuse and separation are no longer accepted or allowed and no amount of justification or delusion will stop one from doing and living this self-realization in self-honesty in every moment of breath. Of course, this is a process and does take practice. But to see all of this and then go back to some belief system would be difficult because once one sees what one has done and participated in, one realizes that one can only spite oneself.

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