Sunday, July 31, 2011

"There is nothing so bad that it couldn't be worse."

At my new job on the computer screen someone stuck a sticky note on it that says  "There is nothing so bad that it couldn't be worse."

It is interesting this idea and perception of gratitude in this case one compares ones situation to what is worse and then says  things like this "Well I'm so grateful that I don't have to live like them my life could be much worse, after all I could be dying of starvation or something."

Participation in ideas like this or any idea for that matter is abusive simply because one never actually takes full and unconditional self-responsibility for the horrific things that human beings experience day in and day out.

If one is able to consider placing one's feet in the shoes of another or rather or the lack there of and consider the deprivation many human beings experience in this world because they do not have access to their basic needs - the requirements we all here with a physical body need to simply live in this world such as clean water, clothing, shelter, food, education and healthcare.

Millions upon millions of people all around the world experience the daily scenario of not having access to clean drinking water or not knowing where they will find their next meal, those that do not have proper shoes and clothing, those that can not see a doctor if they are ill, those that are illiterate. We can clearly see this is a tragic way for anyone to have to experience themselves especially considering we have the resources we need on this planet so that all can be supported equally.

Within this realization we have the opportunity and responsibility to do something to stop these daily atrocities. 

Our experience as a whole could be what is best for all - like Bernard Poolman stated and I agree "Equality is the ultimate pursuit of happiness." We can remain here, live, express and be happy, enjoying ourselves within and as our environment within an equal money system a system, where all are taken care of from birth till death. We are able to love thy neighbor as thyself, this is not a belief system but a simple self-honest common-sensical point that we are able to see and apply in every single moment. 

Doing what is best for all through unconditionally loving thy neighbor as thyself requires one to be self honest, it is now time to be custodians of this world in this reality, humble ourselves, let go of ego and clean up this mess we have all made together. Lets be sure that no one has to experience the worst of it any longer. We are equally responsible for the existence of the have's and the have not's, pain, suffering, starvation, fear, greed, capitalism, jealousy, separation, envy our accepted and allowed self-dishonesty. Within this realization we can see that a quote to mask and justify our accepted and allowed limitation is simply unacceptable.

Many people have the belief that they are chosen and have an ultimate guard as protection from God and that one day, some day, maybe, possibly they will make it to heaven if they are good servants of God through faith, worship, belief and prayer. The same goes for those that devote their entire life and time to reach a state of Zen and Enlightenment and that one day maybe possibly they will ascend and never have to take responsibility for the mess we have accumulated through time through accepting and allowing separation. All this is done in a state of ignorance and bliss while billions suffer. Time to wake up and stand up for ourselves as life.

At Desteni we have realized that the only solution is an Equal Money System as a means to manifest heaven on earth (World Equality) Statements such as " There is nothing so bad that it couldn't be worse" will not exist in an Equal Money System - this statement exists as a belief in something or someone greater and something or someone experiencing less than oneself.

I dare you to join in and stand as a pillar for and as the solution, the only solution to stop needless suffering and separation in this world and stand equal to all that is here and then realize that no one ever at any moment should have to suffer because of our tacit and or deliberate irresponsibility. 

It is time for us to take off our blinders and see directly. We are here and have been the source of the mess, the only thing to do is take responsibility for it through self-forgiveness, self honesty, self change and change what we have accepted and allowed ourselves to be and become one and equal to in separation to what is best for all; Love thy neighbor as thy SELF this is real love - equality. The primary point that causes us to exist within inequality is the money system thus our starting point has to be to change the current money system of a abuse to a system that is best for all, and again this is an Equal Money System. 

What is best for all is what is best for self.

We do not have to compare our experience and then say well it could be worse - IT COULD BE BEST, BEST FOR ALL, and in this we will never have anything to compare self to because all are here equal and one.

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