Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sex in advertising, my experience

I used to be a major shop-aholic. What is it that always drew me to buy relentlessly? Well of course, marketing. I had to have all the latest fashions, music, shoes, dresses, bras, panties, jeans, hats, scarves anything I could get my hands on. 

When I shopped I felt like I was hunting, I got quite a rush from it. I could feel my heart race and I was stimulated by all the different textures, designs, sounds and colors etc. the whole experience excited my senses. I would not stop until I was satisfied that I found the perfect item such as a hat or shirt to match together with my perfect pair of jeans or whatever it may have been at the time. 

Sex is used extensively within advertising and I now see the correlation between my drive to shop being my drive for sex - with the perfect mate. When I did found that ‘perfect’ item I had been longing for, the experience was nearly orgasmic. So I see now why sex in advertising is so profitable, because we are pre-programmed to clone ourselves, and sex in advertising is all about finding the perfect mate.

When dressing up in the new clothes I pur‘chased’ I had thoughts of looking picture perfect so that I could possibly meet the man of my dreams. Many times I found someone but it was never the perfect mate and just like clothing wares, fades, rips, loses a button or a zipper that gets off track so did my so called “perfect mate”.

 After the clothes no longer looked 'right' I disregarded them and the men I found them in as well. So again I was back on the scene hunting for the perfect clothes once more. Shopping is very much like foreplay - It was like this huge build up and suddenly I would find the perfect item and Viola! – elation because I finally found it, the one I had been searching for. There I was out on the town again, looking for the perfect one/man in my perfect one/outfit. I always looked for the most dapper man I could find. I looked at their shoes first and what type of clothes/cologne/jewelry/cell phone or suit they wore. I paid close attention to how much time and effort they put forth in preparing for their night out. To me it meant that they paid close attention to details. If they like to "pay" attention in what they wore, they will also pay close attention to other things, like the details of my body. Let’s not forget the most important reason why I was attracted to sharp dressed men - it was because it meant they had money. If a man can “afford” to spend all this time and effort on getting dressed he must have money. He must get paid well because he doesn't have to spend most of his time working to pay bills, He can rather utilize his spare time to pay attention to all the minute yet important details in relation to his attire.

 It is the mating game at its finest.  No wonder sex is used so extensively as a way to advertise, it works, it plays on our pre-programming, the desire for the perfect mate, to then create the perfect clone.

 Sex in advertising simply will not be accepted, allowed or regarded in an Equal Money System. We will level the playing field so that all may have equal money and women will no longer be on the prowl for a rich man to support her and their future child and men won’t be looking for sex with women for their future child; Isn’t this the reason why so many women wear things such as push-up bra’s, make-up, short skirts, nylons, perfume, low cut tops and high heels etc? This is what most women use as bait to catch a man - never mind who she is as a human being. It is all about a picture, and women hope that the man they catch will find her physically attractive enough to take her home and fill her up with babies. Is this a self-honest starting point when making the decision to bring a child into the world? Is this what is best for our environment? Is this what is best for animals?  Is it what is best for mankind? No. Utilizing resources for ego-systems is not supporting the eco-system.  

It is no wonder that pictures are used in advertising for products and services - we are being sold a beautiful picture an idea so that we can strive to be that picture and to get a beautiful picture. We can never live up to the picture, so it’s always a hunt and search and here is where we desire to consume, consume, consume. We are never satisfied, we are getting screwed yet we never enjoy it.  

In an equal money system anyone can have sex not just those with money or sexy clothing. Sex will be based in self-honesty and true intimacy lived as agreements that are best for all. Women and men will no longer be impulsed by advertising and no longer limit themselves to an idea that men are only good for money and women are only good for sex.

So next time you are out shopping consider this - Is what I am about to buy something I practically need? Or is this something I have been impulsed to desire through sexual advertising?  Do this with all purchases; you may actually be able to utilize all that extra cash to put toward what is best for all. Wouldn’t that be astounding!

Here is a list of a few examples of items or services currently being sold using sex: Cars, homes, food, clothing, shoes, shampoo & Conditioner, vacuums, milk, perfume, cologne, handbags, cigarettes, liquor, weddings, candy, gum, magazines, movies, toilet paper, hair- cuts, online dating sites, vegetarianism, coffee, socks, sports, baseball, tennis, football, basketball, hockey, golf, lotions, I-pods, internet search engines, Coca Cola, Pepsi, skin care, water, skateboards, jeans, pharmaceutical drugs, plastic surgery, soap, condoms, sex prevention!, cartoons, bowling balls, retro clothing, blankets, sheets, beds, pillows, computers, laptops, cell phones, television shows, computer programs, computer operating systems, televisions, TV remote controls, music, bikes, helmets, motorcycles, flash-drives, deodorant, home loans, pens, pencils, flowers, vacation packages, breast feeding, news, weather channels, paper, post it notes, pool tables, lamps, home furniture, lighting, household cleaning products, brooms, mops, beef, chocolate, fruit, apartments, markers, guns, knives, mints, cameras, jewelry, make-up, restaurants, scuba gear, surf boards, ice skates, umbrellas, snowboards, skiing, massage therapy, art, fashion, music, washers and dryers, refrigerators, air conditioners, dish washing machines, religions, exercise equipment,  addiction, credit cards, TV shows, PETA, chips, leather cleaner, dart boards, paint, tables, tampons, birth control, night clubs, Disney movies, fast food chains, books ,comedy, fax machines, copy machines, television - just about EVERYTHING! And the list goes on and on. 

Why have we made things so complicated for ourselves? We have created advertising to sell things in this world that actually depreciate and diminish the resources of the earth all to stimulate the mind.  This must end. In the Equal Money System advertising will be no more. We will longer be bombarded by advertising on a daily basis. Through our tacit allowance of this we  imply that brainwashing is acceptable? We imply that being impulsed to think, believe and perceive that if we buy certain products or services we will gain access to great sex or the perfect mate within which to create a clone of ourselves.

What are we paying for and what are we receiving? The price we pay is the diminishment of ourselves as life – Time to stop this non-sense and live here within and as the physical – Support World Equality – Support Life – Support the Equal Money System to stop abuse forever more.

Next time we buy shoes let’s make sure they are used as physical support to walk with and not to stalk with.

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Greece's Bailout

The term "bailout" implies that Greece is imprisoned, imprisoned by none other than a money system and unfortunetly this is the same story told in many other places throughout the world.

What I gather from this so-called bailout is that it is not a bailout at all but further enslaves those who have to live up to the terms and interest that is applied in a contract that Greece may not be able to live up to.  Greece was not able to practically get out of their previous debt, so what makes them so sure they can get out of this one?  It's trading a debt for debt.  What is the point?  Is it to buy time and if so what is the cost of time?  Money.  Isn't that interesting...

          It's like borrowing money from a fast cash loan place for a quick hundred dollars to pay for an already outstanding debt that was originally used for basic needs such as food, water, shelter etc., and then come to find out you have an interest rate of 300%, plus if it is not paid back in one week's time there are additional fee's that are incurred, and one never gets out of one's debt and is always spinning in circles trying to pay off loans with other loans.  And the truth of the matter is you are broke as a wine glass in a Jewish wedding.  

Who makes up these rules and how can anything like this self-honestly be applied?  The decisions made by the few will effect all the people of Greece, therefore there should be a vote, and due to a huge lack of common sense and for-sight people are making decisions in a panic and still not considering all.  How can anyone legally create a contract least of all sign a contract when it is doomed to fail?  Furthermore the ones who usually have to suffer the consequences are not the ones who sign these contracts. 

          So instead of applying common sense and looking at the real problem, the government chooses to  'Rob Peter to pay Paul.' I have one question, why the hell does Peter have more than Paul?

An equal money system is the key we are able to use to free ourselves from our self made prison system... I mean, unequal money system.  The time has come where we have to do better than our forefathers and foremothers.  We must self-honestly and practically consider ALL involved meaning all that is physically here under this one Sun, on this one Earth.

If you are a real human being and you dare to live a life of dignity join us in a real solution a solution of equality the solution that is best for all in all ways.

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