Friday, April 22, 2011

I support World Equality an Equal Money System!

Hello World!

My name is Deedra Chavez and I am a Destonian currently in the process of birthing myself as life from the physical.  

I am walking with a group of people who no longer accept or allow self dishonesty/abuse/separation/fear etcetera.  I have been walking this process for over three years, and it has been interesting, fascinating and fun.  The tools shared by Desteni Productions are simple - breath/self forgiveness/self honesty/self corrective action and common sense.  I have come to realize much about myself and the World.  I also have come to realize that in order for there to be heaven on earth we require to change the way we currently exist and the current monetary system of abuse that cause separation, fear and blame.  I support an Equal Money System and World Equality.

I have made the decision to stand up for myself as life and to no longer accept or allow myself to participate in abuse by no longer accepting or allowing abuse to exist within and as me - as within so without.

You are welcome to walk with me in my process to self honesty.  I enjoy writing about my experiences and sharing how I apply myself to practically change myself to accumulate what is  best for all.  I will be sharing stories, self forgiveness and self corrective statements.  I also enjoy sharing solutions to the current problems of this world through applying a simple mathematical equation 1+1=2 common sense. 

Through my application of self forgiveness in self honesty, I have developed stability and common sense and you can too.  Please feel free to comment and share my blog with others.  We can change the world through the accumulation effect 1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1+1....  each one taking responsibility for self and it starts with breath.  I have been participating in the Desteni-I-Process where others have supported me and walked with me for years and I am grateful to share everything I am facing and exposing myself to let go of fear once and for all.  

Investigate yourself and take self responsibility if you self honestly want to see a real change in the world a change that is best for all a change to stop abuse in all forms once and for all.  

Til here no further.  

We can create a world we can all be proud of and also be proud to bring any child born into this world anywhere they may be located.  Join us.  Be part of the solution so that all can LIVE a LIFE of dignity.

I could not have done this without support and assistance and for this I am grateful.   To receive support and to support yourself see the links below.

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